We are commercializing a revolutionary new class of fieldable biothreat sampling, detection and identification products for safety and security. 

Now Available – BioFlyte’s Sentinel™ 720 Airborne Coronavirus Detection System

Indoor air sampling with integrated on-site PCR analysis for airborne coronavirus and other respiratory pathogens

BioThreat Security at Scale

BioFlyte® is commercializing a revolutionary new class of fieldable aerosol mass spectrometers and complementary products for protection from biological and low-volatility chemical threats. Our instruments identify microbes including spores, vegetative bacteria, and viruses, bio-toxins, opioids, and other airborne threats to our safety and security. Our products are designed to autonomously sample ambient air, for example, in critical infrastructure, but can also accept liquid or powder samples manually.

BioTOF™ z200

Bioaerosol Identifier

BioCapture z720

Handheld Air Sampler for SARS-CoV-2 Detection

BioCapture z750

Handheld Air Sampler for CBRN Defense Forces and Emergency Response Teams

Sentinel™ 720

Detection System for Airborne Coronavirus