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BioTOF™ z200

A Comprehensive Bio-Threat Solution for Critical Infrastructure 

The BioTOF™ z200 comprehensive bio-aerosol detection system is intended for continuous operation in critical infrastructure, operating unattended for months at a time. The system includes a UV LIF trigger sensor and a MALDI time-of-flight mass spectrometer for threat identification. Once triggered, the autonomous threat identification process proceeds, which includes aerosol sampling, sample preparation, sample analysis and data analysis. Where possible, the BioTOF™ z200 is configured to communicate with the building management system to protect unexposed sections of the building by actively controlling the ventilation system. The system automatically resets itself for the next trigger, and is designed for rapid integration into third-party command and control systems and architectures.

A forensics sample can be collected as a laboratory reference sample using an (optional) fully-integrated dry filter unit. The sampler is activated when the trigger signal is received.


  • MALDI time-of-flight mass spectrometer for bio-threat and opioid identification

  • Continuous or triggered air monitoring for aerosol threats

  • Supports active control of the ventilation system

  • Competitive total cost of ownership: no bio-molecular reagents

  • Fully autonomous, unattended operation:  minimal resource requirements

  • Easily networked into secure LAN or cloud

  • Optional forensics sample collection

Key Specs

  • Agent identification in less than 5 minutes from trigger/alarm signal (includes sample collection time) 

  • Detects and identifies all classes of bio-agents

  • New threats inexpensively added to threat list via library update

  • Excellent sensitivity: 100 threat particles per liter of air

  • Specificity: species level


100 threat particles per liter of ambient air

Species level for bio-threats

Detection Time:
Under 5 minutes (from trigger to identification)

Maintenance interval:
3 months (but may be adjusted for local ambient conditions)

Consumables for each assay:

Input Power AC Voltage: 110-220Vac
Input Power DC Voltage: 24Vdc (optional)
Power Consumption: 100 W (nominal)

Size and Weight:

Width: 60 cm

Height: 72 cm

Depth:  30 cm 

Weight: 35 kg

Trigger Sensor Air Sampling Flow Rate:

3 liters per minute

Identifier Air Sampling Flow Rate:
30 – 40 liters per minute

Forensics Air Sampler Flow Rate:
200 lpm (optional)

Intended for indoor applications

5 – 95% (non-condensing)